After almost three years of constraints due to the COVID- 19 Pandemic, Surigao State College of Technology has successfully held a recognition ceremony for the proud and deserving students of the school. The said event took place on June 21, 2022, at 1:00 pm in the Biodiversity Building of SSCT- Mainit Campus. It was a productive, full of happiness and enjoyment kind of day, indeed, for it was another chance to go along and get to know other students and teachers as well. Different awards were given to graduating students as well as to the Dean’s lister for the first semester of the said school year. The school also took the opportunity to give recognition to the students who are on the President’s list for the second semester of the academic year 2020- 2021. The event was done to give honors to both the hardworking students and to teachers who have always been there for them and did not show any discouragement or loss of hope. The same goes for the parents and guardians who have been supportive throughout the journey. The ceremony was meant to motivate the students, to show that all their hard work is being appreciated, and everything they do matters. The event left a mark by saying that if you have sown good seeds in the beginning, you will reap good quality yields, which in this sense are the grades that you will get by the end of the semester.
Unfortunately, due to lack of space, and also, because there are still guidelines and precautionary measures that the school needs to follow religiously. The guidelines matter and should be followed to avoid new COVID-19 cases and assure everyone’s safety. The parents weren’t able to attend the recognition ceremony to witness and share the joy and victory of their children. However, students and parents who missed to see the ceremony personally were still able to see the event through Facebook Live. Nevertheless, after all the restrictions, the event was still made a success because of the personnel who were behind all of it, and the teachers, staff, students, and master of ceremony that made the event as lively as ever.

By: Khim J C. Dotillos

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