Forever Radiant

(Composed by the late: ROBERT D. ENSOMO)
Surigao State College
Of Technology in Mindanao
You’re a growing landmark
SSCT, to you we bow.
North star of the Region
With a noble mission
Here’s a place to mould men
For technology, science and arts.
Smiling youth and seasoned old
Welcome ye to his glorious fold
Learn and earn help all
Be the wealth of our people.
Alma mater dearest
Hope of our dear brothers
Stand forever radiant, let the
SSCT gear roll on and on.
Tow’ring high and mighty
O’er man and nature’s threats
You shall firmly stand
The dark cloud of doubt
Till the sun shines bright again.
Surigao State College
Of Technology, dear
Stand forever radiant
For your golden goals
Our own success (back to tow’ring)
(Finale rit… with accent on radiant)
Stay forever radiant, for our victory, is your…glo-ry…