SSCT Seal and Colors

SSCT's Seal

is composed of several symbolic figures namely: Diamond Spikes around the logo, Gear, Closed Loop of Rope, Open Book, Laurel Leaf, Fishtail soaring up to the surface, Rays, Sun, Mallet, Flame, Water and a pair of Stars

Diamond Spikes

around the circular logo symbolizes SSCT’s outpouring dynamism to reach out its stakeholders and the community in general by producing graduates honed and crafted like how diamonds are made;


stands for SSCT’s brand of service: efficient and smooth;

Closed Loop of Rope

symbolizes SSCT’s vow to be of service to the community and its stakeholders;

Open Book

symbolizes SSCT’s vow to be of service to the community and its stakeholders;

Laurel Leaf

stands for SSCT’s drive towards academic excellence and advancement;

Fishtail soaring up to the surface

symbolizes SSCT’s drive for the aquamarine life preservation and the environment in general;


embodies SSCT’s main role in enlightening every SSCTian with technological skills and Filipino values;


connote diversification of curricular offerings that will respond to the changing needs of the community in the service area;


represents SSCT’s arduous task in forming productive,service-oriented and responsible Surigaonons and Filipino citizenry in general;


symbolizes the burning zeal of SSCT in forging and transforming individuals towards positive change;


indicates the welcoming attitude of SSCT regarding change and progress;

Pair of stars

represent the Surigao del Norte School of Arts and Trades or SNSAT in Surigao City and the Malimono School of Fisheries in Malimono, Surigao del Norte constituting SSCT.