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Surigao del Norte State University — Mainit Campus successfully held a recognition ceremony on June 2, 2023, in front of the administration building. The event was filled with harmonious triumph as the institution conducted its recognition of this year’s class.

The program was led by Mrs. Khim J C. Dotillos, the Master of Ceremonies. It started at 3:00 in the afternoon with the administrators, faculty, and academic awardees. The event began with the awarding of medals and certificates to the outstanding students for their academic achievements and contributions.

The highlight of the event is to acknowledge the dedication, hard work, and sacrifices of the students who demonstrated determination and resilience to strive for excellence. All the sleepless nights and unbearable deadlines will certainly have their cost.

Hardships and difficulties in this school year were paid off by recognizing the students efforts through the giving of awards and certificates to all hardworking individuals who actively gave their best in their academic performances and contributions. Different awards were given to the graduating students and also to the Dean’s Listers for the semester of this school year. Scholars were also acknowledged for their determination and perseverance to continue their studies despite their deprivation. With proud faces and great smiles, students received their medals and certificates. It was truly a day to celebrate a wonderful year. The ceremony was meant to motivate and encourage each individual to strive for excellence, not perfection.

Furthermore, the program was successful because of the support and teamwork of individuals at this institution. Congratulations! Outstanding SNSUnians, may this success be a stepping stone for your achievements tomorrow.

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