On the 11th day of May 2022, the Surigao State College of Technology – Mainit Campus conducted a Culmination program for the 4th year students of Bachelor of Technology and Livelihood Education (BTLED 4) at COC.
The opening program includes invocation, Singing of national anthem and SSCT Hymn and the welcome remarks of the Campus Director, Edwin C. Escobal. Afterwards, a Video tribute was presented via multimedia showing the 4-year venture of BTLED students from their freshmen years until recent. It was then followed by the student Impression. Mr. Jonas Himongala, a BAT 3rd year student handled by the Student-Teacher Interns then followed by Mr. Jayson Nerza, a 1st year student from BSAF and Miss Sharra Mae Ojel (3rd year) and Athena Malyn Beato (1st year) from BTLED. After their impressions, a response from the student-teacher interns then followed starting with Miss Amber Anode who handled BAT students and Miss Michelle Magallanes who handled the same department and Jonhdy Altarejos who handled BTLED and BSAF.
A response from the Cooperating teachers particularly from the program heads was Instigated. Fro BAT department Dr. Romana M. Maglinte and Dr. Juliet Ruth D. Mozar who was not able to attend was proxied by Mrs. Khim J C. Dotillos, the Horn Publication Adviser. After their messages, the BTLED 4 students rendered a Musical and dance presentation and handed their tokens of appreciation. The giving of Certificates were also given to both Cooperating Teacher and Student-Teacher Interns. It then followed by the Inspirational Message of Dr. Emalina L. Ebol, Director for Instructions and closing remarks of Mrs. Nona D. Saratorio. The Culmination ended at 12:00n noon.

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