To seal the partnership between SSCT Mainit Campus Bachelor of Science in Agroforestry Extension Services , BLGU Community and Farmers’ Associations of Surigao Del Norte, a signing of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) for the Extension Project entitled: “Integrated Agroforestry Farming” was conducted last February 11, 2022 in the Barangay hall of Ladgaron, Claver, Surigao del Norte.

A simple program was attended by three (3) representatives and officials of The BLGU Sapa ,Ladgaron, Lahi and Sapa Farmers, Pangi Farmers And Lahi Farmers Association of Surigao Del Norte headed by the Hon. Roberto Bayogbog the Barangay Captain of Brgy. Ladgaron, Mrs. Filipina Bernales the PO president of Brgy. Ladgaron and Hon. Aida N. Vertudazo the Brgy. Captain of Brgy. Sapa.
A delegation of 4 campus officials and faculty of SSCT-Mainit Campus headed by Campus Director and Project Leader Mr. Edwin C. Escobal ,the Director for Extension Ms. Alvie Elma Plaza ,SSCT Mainit Campus Extension Coordinator Mr. Arman N. Bermon and the Ancillary Officer Mr. Benjie Tirasol facilitated the MOA signing ceremony.

The program started by prayer and singing of national anthem. It was opened by a welcome message by Hon. Roberto Bayogbog and thanked the SSCT-Mainit Campus extensionist for the privilege of receiving extension services from SSCT-Mainit Campus. A message from the Campus Director Mr. Edwin C. Escobal followed, expressing hope that the partnership will bring significant impact and good results to the school and the community.
After the messages, a discussion on the contents of MOA was facilitated by Campus Director and Project leader Mr. Edwin C. Escobal. The roles of each party were elaborated and explained in detail during the open forum. List of possible activities and tentative dates was also mentioned. After the MOA was finalized, multiple copies were signed by the three parties involved. It was signed by the Hon. Roberto Bayogbog, Mrs. Filipina Bernales and Hon.Aida N. Vertudazo. A traditional picture taking took place after MOA signing for documentation purposes.

Wearing of face mask and face shield and other health protocols were observed in conducting the activity, with minimum physical contacts to the point that no customary handshakes after MOA signing was done.

Words of welcome delivered by HON. ROBERTO BAYOGBOG the Barangay Captain of Brgy. Ladgaron in his remarks he expressed his gratitude that the ceremony of both parties was held in his Brgy. Hall.


The MOA was then presented by MR. EDWIN C. ESCOBAL, the project leader of the “INTEGRATED AGROFOFRESTRY FARMING” Extension project. The presentation focused on both sides’ obligations and commitments.


From left: Benjie Tirasol ( Ancillary Officer) Arman N. Bermon (Extension Coordinator), Edwin C. EscobaL ( Campus Director), Mrs. Filipina Bernales ( brgy Ladgaron PO President ), Hon. Roberto E. Bayogbog ( Brgy. Captain of Brgy. Ladgaron), Hon.Aida N. Vertudazo ( Brgy. Captain of Brgy. Sapa) and Ms. Alvie Elma C. Plaza (Extension Director).

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