On January 21,2022, SSCT Mainit Campus through the Institutional Community Extension Services of BAT program ran a donation drive for the benefit of Charisma Bethel Children’s Home (CBCH) a Child Caring Agency in Barangay Serna, Surigao City.

SSCT-Mainit Campus has long implemented community extension program. With the pandemic and devastation caused by Odette, caused an upsurge to scarcity and shortage of food provisions. Hence, the institution initiates its community extension program through the “Training and Workshop on Governance, Values Formation and Health”. Through this program, SSCT-Mainit Campus proposed for food donations which were given personally to the 34 children beneficiaries of the CBCH family.

Food packs and three sacks of rice donations were turned personally at CBCH by the SSCT BAT program faculty members Ms. Erma Taer, Benjamin Paler, the Extension Coordinator of SSCT Mainit Campus, Mr. Arman N. Bermon and the SSCT Director for Extension, Ms. Alvie Ema Plaza. The donations were received by the executive Director of Charisma Bethel Children’s Home Ms. Juliet B Japor.

SSCT acknowledges the role of the institution as source of empowerment for families and communities, especially when responding to crises. The CBCH, which is a child caring agency greatly appreciates the help handed by the institution.
According to Ms. Japor, “Salamat kaayo sa SSCT wala jud kami kalimte, dako kaayo na tabang para sa amo. Sa tanan agency only SSCT ang nag conduct ug extesion program sa amo. Dili lang trainings ang ge hatag, nay pud mga donations. Padajon ang tabang sa amo mao na dako jud among pasalamat”.
SSCT remains committed to community involvement as an educational institution that nurtures not only academically competent individuals but also socially-concerned citizens and future leaders.
“As the SSCT- Mainit Campus Extension Coordinator, nakita nako ang need sa mga bata, ug tungod sa bagyo ang ila sitwasyon didto looy kaayo kay naguba ang ila shelter, mao to nga naka huna-huna ko in behalf sa SSCT na mag hatag kita ug food packs and rice”, shared by Mr. Arman N. Bermon, the BAT Extension Coordinator. “This time of our lives is the most draining in almost all aspects—financially, emotionally, and spiritually,” But the longer we are in this situation, the clearer it is that we can only overcome struggles when we help each other. If we start to always choose kindness, that is when the situation will change. It does not require any grand action; small deeds can cause ripples of change.”


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