December 16, 2021 when Super Typhoon Rai, locally known as Odette smashed and flatten islands of Visayas and Mindanao. It brought heavy rains, violent winds, floods and storm surges. Provinces suffered from the casualties brought by the typhoon, many infrastructures were damage and because of this people were forced to live below bridges and build small tents, temporarily just to have something to protect them from the heat of the sun and keeping them from getting wet. Most victims from the typhoon were Surigaonons, they were struggling to get by every day, food and water were of great problems.

But just when hope was about to fade, a ray of light came shining, because in times of difficulties there will always be someone who is willing to help.

With the initiation of the Supreme Student Government (SSG) and the guidance of their adviser Mr. Arman Bernon, SSCT- Mainit Campus were able to gather a big sum of money, that were used to help the affected students especially of SSCT- Mainit Campus. P36,000.00 came from the SSG fund, and P20,000.00 were donations from the different schools in Luzon, with a total amount of P56, 136.00 that were all converted to goods like rice, milk, alcohol, canned food, and more.

The SSCT- Mainit Campus Faculty and Staff also made actions to help, each of them donated a certain amount of money and the accumulated amount were given to SSCT- Del Carmen students as they were the most affected ones.
With the approval of the College President Gregorio Z. Gamboa Jr., and the help of the J. O’s, and the SSG officers who helped in preparing and packing the food packs, the plan to distribute the relief goods was realized on March 4-7,2022. A total number of 200 students from mainland and Dinagat Islands were given the food packs, that helped them strive in those difficult moments.

From right: Mr. Arman Bermon (SSG Adviser), Mr. John Paul Llano (Admin Officer), Mr. Reymon Ybanez (SSG President), Mr. Renerio I. Duallo Jr. (SAO Coordinator) and Mr. Jeremy Jovita (SSG Treasurer) with the student beneficiaries of the said project.



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