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CHED Commissioner Libre Graces SNSU International Research Confab

Surigao City, Philippines — Hon. Jo Mark M. Libre, Commissioner of the Commission on Higher Education and the Chair of the Surigao del Norte State University Board of Regents, graced the opening program of the 1st International Virtual Conference on Research Trends in Industry 5.0 (ICRTI 5.0) as the keynote speaker on October 26, 2022.

“In an increasing changing and globalist environment, the higher education is the most visible contributor to the national development and its leadership and management are the most reliable aspects of transforming respective human resource, workforce sector and even in the organization in the achievement of the overall goals,” Libre accentuated in his speech via zoom virtual platform.

Hon. Jo Mark M. Libre, CHED Commissioner and Chair of the SNSU Board of Regents, delivered his Keynote Speech

He stressed his hopes that the international conference would come up to agree with the kind of leadership and management on higher education that would define the lines between successes and silver linings of any of the higher education goals and objectives.

“In this age of ubiquitous accessible knowledge, learning is very relevant. Learning indeed of course anywhere at anytime or on any device, we are faced with exponential knowledge and accumulated knowledge is more accessible to us right now,” the Commissioner underscored.

A Certificate of Commendation for Hon. Jo Mark M. Libre as the Keynote Speaker of ICRTI5.0

The Commissioner and Chair designate of SNSU Board of Regents highlighted that his vision, mission and advocacy is to strengthen the higher education system to work towards providing a numerous opportunities for the Filipino young men and women who are locally trained and educated to become globally competitive individuals in research industry.

The international research conference was conducted by SNSU in partnership with Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS), and groupXS Solutions GmbH, to hold its 1st International Virtual Conference on Research Trends in Industry 5.0 (ICRTI 5.0) on October 26-28, 2022 via Zoom.

Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa Jr, SNSU University President in his welcome message.

The first SNSU President, Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa, Jr., jumpstarted the event with a welcome message.  “By holding this important event, the Surigao del Norte State University lives up to its aim by enriching its researches through the conduct of the international research conference” expressed Dr. Gamboa. He added that the event provided avenue to the exchange of knowledge and experiences by inviting exemplary and well-known plenary speakers from Asia and within the country.

Dr. Astria Nur Infansyah, the Deputy Director of ITS Global Engagement, Surabaya, Indonesia in his message.

Dr. Astria Nur Irfansyah, Deputy Director of ITS Global Engagement in his message conveyed,  “We believe that this international conference confirms the  important role and initiative from SNSU in internationalization and its contribution in the development of science and to strengthen research collaboration with its partners.” 

Dr. Mauricio S. Adlaon, SNSU Vice – President for Research, Innovation and Extension expressing the Statement of Purpose of the Event
Dr. Emmylou A. Borja, introduced the Keynote Speaker of the 1st ICRTI5.0
Dr. Rowena A. Plando, gave her closing remarks during the 1st ICRTI5.0
Dr. Aileen C. Park, one of the plenary speakers for Day 1, delivered her talk on “4.0 Critical Reflection of a Teacher: Defining ‘For Now’ to Engage in the Future”
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Prof. Ainul Firdatun Nisaa, Junior Lecturer and Researcher of the environmental engineering department of the Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (IST) Surabaya, Indonesia, rendered her talk on “Environmental Management System Implementation in Conserving Water Resources”
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Mr. Nicolai Sticht, Senior IT Strategist of groupXS Solutions GmbH, gave his talk on ‘Challenging the Now, Creatign teh New Successful IoT Projects must include machines and humans’
Dr, Consorcio Namoco, Jr. , one of the plenary speakers for Day 2, gave his talk on ‘Utilizing Agro-Industrial Wastes through Technology – based Research and Innovation’

Dr. Aileen Cabigayan-Park, Professor, Ewha Womans University; Ainul Firdatun Nisaa, researcher, Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember (ITS); Mr. Nicolai Sticht, Project/ Team Leader of groupsXS Solutions GmbH and Dr. Consorcio S. Namoco, University Professor, University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines increased the impact to the activity as plenary speakers. 

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