CAS Conducts Professional Training to In-Service Secondary School Teachers

On April 25-29, 2019, the program of Bachelor of Science in Mathematics (BS-Math) under the College of Arts and Sciences in collaboration with other programs: Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Mathematics (BSEd-Math) and Master in Mathematics Education (MA-Math Ed.), partnered with the DepEd Division of Surigao City. It was intended to equip the mathematical proof reasoning of the in-service secondary high school teachers.

Participants signs up registration form to confirm their attendance.

Dr. Elvis P. Patulin (Dean, CAS), formally welcomes the participants, guests, facilitators to the Seminar-Workshop on Learning Competencies, Assessment and Teaching Strategies: Basis for Development Contextualized Learning Materials.

Dr. Ronita E. Talingting (VP for Academic Affairs) presents the Statement Purpose of the Seminar-Workshop in behalf of Dr. Emmylou A. Borja (VP for RDE).

Dr. Carlos P. Tantoy (DepEd official) conveys the importance of the Seminar-Workshop

The 5-day extension program engaged five (5) meaningful and useful talks during the first two (2) days of the activity. The first talk was delivered by Dr. Alice Z. Maghuyop on Verb/s Phrase and Noun Phrase as an Important Elements of the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. The second talk was brought by Dr. Adriano V. Patac, Jr. on The Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy. For the third topic, it was on Metacognition conveyed by Ms. Grace H. Leong, followed by Dr. Joewarren R. Sulima’s topic on Strategies for Increasing Student Motivation in Math. Lastly, the topic was all about Defining Logical Concepts and Arguments: Analysis and Evaluation by Mr. Jonas Robert L. Miranda. On the third and fourth day, participants were given time for their outputs on development of worksheets. On the last day, participants engaged into demo teaching which was an application of the said seminar-workshop.

Dr. Alice Z. Maghuyop discusses the significance of  Verb/s Phrase and Noun Phrase as an Important Elements of the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Dr. Adriano V. Patac, Jr. presents the application and importance of the Revised Bloom’s Taxonomy.

Ms. Grace H. Leong imparts knowledge on how Metacognition help to reframe students’ way of thinking to adapt to new situations.

Dr. Joewarren R. Sulima emphasizes the influence of Teaching Strategies to increasing student motivation in Mathematics.

Mr. Jonas Robert L. Miranda accentuates the significance of Defining Logical Concepts. Also, he gives highlights of the Analysis and Evaluation Arguments.

Facilitator administers questionnaires for the Post Test Evaluation.

Ms. Claire Angelie Osorio (left) and Mr. Jenny Canoy (right) leads the demo teaching.

Ms. Claire Angelie Osorio (left) and Mr. Jenny Canoy (right) attends questions raised by the student participants.

Team leaders with the teacher participants points out the strength and raise opinions on how to improve the weak point of the demo teaching during the mentoring.

The program culminated in the presence of the DepEd officials, participants and facilitators through the giving of impression by the participants and giving of certificates to both DepEd and SSCT partnership.

Engr. Achilles Zerda state the impressions on the seminar-workshop in behalf of the participants.

Dr. Louida P. Patac (Program Chair, BS Math) receiving the outputs from the participants through Lea Chavez (center) assisted by Dr. Paqueo (DepEd official).

Distribution of certificates: (L-R) Mr. Archie Urbiztondo, Ms. Ailyn B. Caba, Ms. Marijul B. Jovero, Dr. Lucille G. Tanguihan, Dr. Joewarren R. Sulima, Dr. Anabelle N. Diaz, Ms. Princes Grace A. Retita, Dr. Julia T. Paqueo, Ms. Lea Chavez and Dr. Louida P. Patac.






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