BS Environmental Science Faculty Engages on Capability-Building for Developing Information, Education and Communication (IEC) Materials

On November 10, 2021, a webinar-workshop on IEC materials development for the Solid Waste Information and Public Education (SWIPE) project of SSCT- BSES program in Barangay Taft was conducted. The SWIPE project targets the constituents of Barangay Taft and SSCT-BSES faculty in this capability-building activity in learning how to effectively develop IEC materials for awareness on solid waste management. Resource speakers were from the DENR Environmental Management Bureau (EMB) Caraga Regional Office-13 spearheaded by Regional Director Engr. Albert G. Arcamo, with special participation of the Local Government Unit (LGU) represented by Engr. Elmer C. Tecson, of the City Environment and Natural Resources Office (ENRO).

The program formally commenced at 8:45 AM with an opening prayer by Mrs. Rosalia Hugo, followed by the national anthem via multi-media presentation. To set the tone of the activity, BSES program chair Ms. Gheleene S. Buenaflor gave a brief background on the research study behind this extension project and acknowledged the EMB and LGU-City ENRO for the partnership as well as the BSES faculty who participated in the webinar–workshop. A welcome message from President Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa, Jr. gave an inspiring thought imparted to the participants. Another message was given by EMB-13 Regional Director Engr. Albert G. Arcamo via virtual screen. Afterwards, CAS Extension Coordinator Ms. Marijul B. Jovero acknowledged the participants as shown on a simulated screen.

Engr. Medielyn M. Odtojan introduced the resource speakers from EMB Caraga: Ms. Dianna Mae Rivera (Senior Environmental Management Specialist) and Ms. Cheryl M. Elpa (Information Officer II / Regional Youth Desk Officer). Ms. Rivera’s topic was on the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act of 2000 (Republic Act 9003). She discussed and emphasized the importance of an overview of RA 9003 to understand the solid waste management problem. Ms. Elpa’s topic was on IEC Materials Development. In her discussion, she gave the participants ideas and tips on how to develop IEC materials that catch the attention of the target audience. The open forum was facilitated by the emcee, For. Ruselle E. Bertulfo.

In the afternoon, the participants were organized into groups and were given instructions in developing IEC materials for critiquing later in the session. Each group presented their outputs, while on the screen, Ms. Elpa made comments and suggestions on how to improve the participants’ outputs. Afterwards, Engr. Elmer C. Tecson, LGU-City ENRO, also provided inputs to the participants.

Before ending the webinar–workshop, impressions were given by the participants from the LGU-City ENRO and SSCT, in the person of Mr. Mel Kevin Agunias and Mr. Jerry T. Cuadrado, respectively. Awarding of virtual certificates to the resource speakers, partner agencies, and participants followed. Finally, Dr. Louida P. Patac (Dean, CAS) gave her closing remarks to formally end the webinar-workshop. In her speech, she gave an appreciation and credits to the organizer of the event, the partner agencies as well as the participants that made the activity successful. The virtual session ended at around 4:00 PM.


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