The entrance of the University Mace and System Colors with University Registrar Ms. Claret D. Ruaya holding the Mace




Dr.Gregorio Z. Gamboa, Jr. makes his way to the stage
During the singing of the National Anthem
The SNSU Hymn is sung for the first time by the SNSU Chorale
CHED Commissioner and SNSU Board of Regents Chair, Hon.Jo Mark M. Libre during the processional


L-R: CHED Caraga Regional Director, CHED Commissioner Hon.Jo Mark M. Libre, & SNSU President Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa Jr.
A jampacked SNSU gym for the SNSU Inauguration & Investiture of Dr.Gamboa
Members of the Academic and Administrative Council sit in front while the family of the Dr.Gamboa and other special guests occupy the seats with tables


The inauguration of Surigao Del Norte State University and the formal investiture of Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa as it first University President happened on October 19, 2022 at the SNSU gymnasium in a ceremony attended by CHED Commissioner and Chair of SNSU Board of Regents, Hon. Jo Mark M. Libre, SNSU Board of Regents, District 1 Rep. Francisco Jose “Bingo” T. Matugas, CHED Caraga officials, other special guests, faculty, staff, and students.

VP for Administration & Board Secretary Dr. Rowena A. Plando started the inauguration ceremonies by reading the Board Resolution and the Commission en Banc or CEB resolution for the conversion of SNSU. It was followed by the raising of the mace by the University Registrar Ms. Claret D. Ruaya.  The mace was then handed by Commissioner Libre to Dr. Gamboa, who hoisted it triumphantly.  The new logo of SNSU was also presented for the public to see.  Earlier in the program, the SNSU hymn, which was composed by Ms.Ellen A. Amores and Mr.Richard Nick A. Amores, was sung for the first time by the SNSU Chorale. A short ritual  was also performed to ward off bad spirits and attract only good luck, happiness, and prosperity.


The short ritual meant to ward off bad luck and attract prosperity
Comm. Libre gives The University Mace, a symbol of authority, to Dr. Gamboa
Dr. Gamboa hoists  the University Mace to symbolize his leadership

The campus directors of SNSU’s four campuses, together with their respective Supreme Student Government presidents, took turns in presenting the SNSU system color and the lighting of the campus torches.  The said ceremony symbolized the integration of the four campuses (Main Campus, Malimono Campus, Del Carmen Campus, Mainit Campus) that comprise the Surigao del Norte State University.

Formal Declaration


Comm.Libre read the formal declaration for Universityhood
Comm. Libre formally declared SNSU as the first ever State University in the Province of Surigao del Norte


CHED Commissioner and Chair of SNSU Board of Regents, Jo Mark M. Libre, then made the formal declaration of Universityhood for SNSU stating, “ By virtue of the power vested in me as a Commission on Higher Education Commissioner and the Chairperson-designate of Surigao del Norte State University Board of Regents and in pursuant to Section 25 of Republic Act 10600 as amended in RA 11010 and based on the favorable recommendation made by the CHEDRO Caraga, CHED Composite Team and for confirmation by the Commision en Banc through Resolution No. 276, 2022, dated June 7, 2022 and as per SNSU Board of Regents Resolution no. 96-A, resolution declaring Surigao State College of Technology to Surigao del Norte State University. I hereby declare the conversion of Surigao State College of Technology to Surigao del Norte State University.  Congratulations.”


Awarding of Plaques and Commendation

District 1 Representative Hon. Francisco “Bingo” Matugas receives an award in recognition of his significant contribution and commendable efforts that led to the approval of R.A. 11010-Amending Republic Act R.A. 10600 on the conversion of Surigao State College of Technology (SSCT) to Surigao Del Norte State University (SNSU). His father, former governor Francisco ” Lalo” Matugas also receives the same award.
Receiving the award on behalf of CHED under the chairmanship of Dr.J.Prospero E. De Vera III are former CHEDRO director Leonida S. Calagui and current Regional Director of CHED Caraga, Dr. George M. Colorado
CHED Caraga Regional Director Dr. George M. Colorado also receives a plaque of commendation
For having manifested his unwavering support to SSCT now SNSU that led to the full conversion of Surigao State College of Technology into SURIGAO DEL NORTE STATE UNIVERSITY (SNSU, CHED Commisioner and SNSU BOR Chair, Hon. Jo Mark M. Libre receives an award
Mr. Ronnie Azura receives the award of Sen. Chiz Escudero

Recognition was given to lawmakers who were responsible for the conversion of SSCT to SNSU.  For the passage of RA 10600, awards of commendation were given to Hon. Francisco T. Matugas, former representative of District 1, Surigao del Norte, and to Hon. Guillermo A. Romarate, Jr., former representative of District II,Surigao del Norte.  For the realization of RA 11010, the awardees were Hon. Francisco Jose ‘Bingo” F. Matugas II, Representative, District I of SDN, Hon. Robert Ace S.Barbers, Representative, District II of SDN, Hon. Dulce Ann K. Hofer, Governor, Zamboanga Sibugay, Hon. Francis Joseph “Chiz” Escudero, Chairman Committee on Education, Arts and Culture, Hon.Mark O. Go, Chairman, House Committee on Education on Higher and Technical Education.

CHED Chairman Hon.J. Prospero E. De Vera III, CHED Commisioner Hon. Jo Mark M. Libre, and CHED Caraga Regional Director Dr. George M. Colorado also each received an award of commendation for having manifested their unwavering support to SSCT now SNSU, that led to the full conversion of  Surigao State College of Technology into Surigao del Norte State University.

 Investiture Rites

The Reading of the Appointment by CHED Caraga Regional Director Dr. George M. Colorado
The Vesting of the Academic Robe on Dr. Gamboa



Comm. Libre presents the Academic Medallion to the audience before donning it on Dr.Gamboa.


Comm. Libre hands over to Dr.Gamboa the ring the came with the Academic Medallion
The Plaque of Installation
CommLibre administers the Oath of Office to Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa, Jr. as the 1st University President of SNSU
Comm. Libre and Dr.Gamboa hold the folder containing the Oath of Office


The formal investiture of Dr. Gamboa as the 1st University President of SNSU was headed by Comm. Libre which began with CHED Caraga Regional Director Dr. George M Colorado reading the appointment which states, From the Republic of the Philippines, Office of the President, Commission on Higher Education, in accordance with the pertinent provisions of Republic Act 8292, Section 1 of RA 11010 which ammended Section 9 of RA 10600 and by virtue of Surigao del Norte State University, Board of Regents Resolution no. 133, s.2022,Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa Jr. is hereby appointed as SNSU University President from August 8, 2022 to August 7, 2026, with all the powers, rights, responsibilities, and privileges appertaining thereto.” 

The said appointment was signed by Comm. Libre, SNSU Chairman, Board of Regents on August 8, 200 in Cagayan De Oro City.

Following the reading of the appointment was the vesting of academic robe, hood, and cap, imposition of the Academic Medallion & Ring, Awarding of Plaque Installation, and the Administration of Oath of Office by Comm. Libre.

In a speech following Dr. Gamboa’s investiture rites, Comm. Libre acknowledged the notable achievements made by SNSU under the management of Dr.Gamboa whom he described as someone with excellent leadership skills, unwavering dedication, and a sense of purpose.  Comm. Libre expressed optimism that there will be many more developments in the future and that SNSU will one day become a globally-recognized university.


Investiture Address


The 1st University President of SNSU, Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa,Jr.
Dr.Gamboa says he is very proud of the men and women of SNSU
“This is not only my victory but also yours,” says. Dr.Gamboa

Dr. Gamboa, in his investiture address, took time to acknowledge the people, who, according to him, made significant contributions to the journey of SNSU.  He thanked all those lawmakers responsible for the passage of key legislative bills, past SSCT presidents, the Comm.Libre, the officials of CHED Caraga, including former CHEDRO Regional Director Leonida S. Calagui who was in attendance. The president also expressed his gratitude to retired  DOST-Caraga  Regional Director Dr.Dominga D. Mallonga,   whom he referred to as his “second nanay” for giving him constant guidance.  Likewise, the president thanked his family, especially his wife, for never ceasing to understand his situation.

Addressing the faculty, staff and students, the president said, “This is not only my victory but also yours.” Dr. Gamboa, thanked the men and women of SNSU for their commitment and passion that were the driving force of the realization towards the conversion. Dr.Gamboa added, “It was a battle that we fought hard, but we conquered the odds.”

“Now that we are university, we have to look forward. SNSU now would like to dream.  We would like to dream in expanding its presence in a strategic location, increasing the numbers of programs and producing entrepreneurial graduates who can help to the progress of Surigao del Norte and the country and making SNSU, the technology hub of Caraga Region-all these will contribute for our nation’s greater heights,’ Dr. Gamboa emphasized.

Congratulatory Messages

Sen. Escudero extends his congratulations through a video greeting
Former Caraga State University president Dr. Anthony M. Penaso says, ” I have no doubt, Pres.Greg, that your sterling leadership will immensely contribute to the growth & development of SNSU”
Hon. Alfredo M. Coro II, mayor of Del Carmen,Siargao says, Dr. Gamboa is first and foremost a visionary.”
“I believe that this milestone in the Caraga SUCs, is like a high tide that floats all ships, as you rise, we will all rise,” ASSCAT president Dr.Joy C. Capistrano extends her well-wishes to Dr. Gamboa
Federated Faculty president, Hon. Ailyn B. Caba congratulates Dr.Gamboa & says, ” Continue to be a blessing your constituents.”
Surigao del Norte District Representative, Hon. Franciso Jose “Bingo” F. Matugas II in his message says, “Today creates new opening for individuals seeking an exit from hard lives, increasing the chances for success that a good education can bring.”
Board Member Dr. Elvira A. Egay, reads the felicitations of Provincial Governor Hon. Robert Lyndon S.Barbers


Through a video message Sen. Francis “Chiz “Escudero , sent a congratulatory message to Dr. Gamboa and SNSU.  Others who expressed their messages of congratulations were CHED Caraga Regional Director Dr. George M. Colorado, Former Caraga State University President Dr. Anthony M. Penaso, ASSCAT President Dr.Joy C. Capistrano, SSG Federated Hon. Merlina O. Galicia, Faculty Federated Hon, Ailyn B. Caba.  International Linkages partners in Malaysia and Germany also sent a video greeting to Dr. Gamboa. Earlier in the program, Del Carmen Municipal Mayor Hon. Alfredo M. Coro II, and District 1 Congressman Francisco Jose “Bingo” Matugas II, and Provincial Governor, Hon. Robert Lyndon S. Barbers, represented by Board Member Elvira Egay, also gave their salutations and felicitations to SNSU and Dr. Gamboa.

“Pa, we are so proud of you,” says Cape Beverlyn Gamboa-Ginobiagon, Dr. Gamboa’s daughter
To Dr. Gamboa, SSG Federated president Hon. Merlina O. Galicia says, ” We believe that you will guide our school with wisdom and with an eye always towards what is best for the students and for everyone.”
” I could see that you have the are willing and interested to lead this university, and only a few have the courage and bravery to tread the path where even the brave dare not go. Congratulations Mr. President, Mabuhay ang SNSU”, says CHED Regional Director Dr. George M. Colorado



Pledge of Key University Officials


Vice-President for Administration, Dr. Rowena A.Plando makes her pledge of commitment and support
Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Emmylou A. Borja
Vice-President for Research, Innovation, & Extension Dr. Mauricio S. Adlaon


The three vice-presidents of SNSU, VP for Admin, Dr. Rowena A. Plando, VP for Academic Affairs Dr. Emmylou A. Borja, VP for Research, Innovation and Extension Dr. Mauricio S. Adlaon made a pledge of commitment and support to Dr. Gamboa.  The four campus directors, Dr.Ronita E. Talingting of the Main Campus, Dr. Leonielyn G. Malicay, of Mainit Campus, Dr. Romy Jun A. Sunico of Del Carmen Campus, and Mr. Edwin C. Escobal of Mainit Campus, also made a pledge to support all the programs and undertakings of the president as the University faces a more challenging task ahead.

The Director of the Main Campus, Dr. Ronita E. Talingting
The Director of Malimono Campus, Dr. Leonielyn G. Malicay
The Director of Del Carmen Campus, Dr. Romy Jun a. Sunico
The Director of Mainit Campus, Mr. Edwin C. Escobal




Dinner and socials followed the Investiture Rites.  Students from different organizations were given the chance to showcase their talents as they performed before the guests, faculty and staff.


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