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"Captivating Collaboration: Faculty Internal Auditor Trainees with Mr. Gilmore A. Rivera as the QMS Resource Speaker/trainor, Dr. Merlyn L. Estoque ,Engr. Medielyn Odtojan ISO Focal and Dr. Leonielyn G. Malicay OIC Director for QMS and IQA

SNSU Empowers Quality Management with Training for Internal Auditor Trainees


“Captivating Collaboration:  Internal Auditor Trainees with Mr. Gilmore A. Rivera,the QMS Resource Speaker/Trainor,Dr. Merlyn L. Estoque-Lead Internal Auditor, Engr. Medielyn Odtojan-ISO Focal and Dr. Leonielyn G. Malicay-OIC Director for QMS and IQA.


Surigao Del Norte State University (SNSU) took a progressive stride towards enhancing its educational standards by hosting a comprehensive Training on the Continual Improvement of Quality Management System. The event, held against the stunning backdrop of Almont Beach Resort on August 3rd and 4th, 2023, brought together Internal Auditor Trainees from SNSU’s Mainit, City, Malimono, and Del Carmen Campuses.

Guiding this immersive experience was Mr. Gilmore A. Rivera, an esteemed QMS Resource Speaker/trainor. His expertise shone as he navigated participants through the intricacies of quality management, equipping them with valuable insights poised to shape the future of education at SNSU.

Christine Madelo took on the role of Emcee, skillfully orchestrating the event’s rhythm and ensuring seamless transitions over the course of the training.

Under the stewardship of Dr. Merlyn L. Estoque, Dr. Leonielyn G. Malicay, Engr. Medielyn Odtojan ISO Focal, participants delved into the realms of quality management principles, ISO standards, and effective auditing techniques.

The training concluded with a significant moment of presented certificates to the esteemed resource speaker/trainor and participants.

Dr. Malicay, the OIC Director for QMS and IQA, gave her closing message resonated, leaving attendees inspired and ready to carry forward their newfound knowledge.

The event’s unity and shared purpose were encapsulated in a group pictorial, a lasting memory that mirrored the collective commitment to enhancing education and ensuring the highest standards of quality.

SNSU’s Quality Management System Training was more than an event; it was a stepping stone toward a brighter educational landscape. As the  Internal Auditor Trainees returned to their respective campuses, they carried with them a renewed passion for excellence, poised to make a lasting impact on SNSU’s academic journey.

-Khim J C. Dotillos(Mainit Campus)

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