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Orientation for New Employees in the Government

Surigao del Norte State University (SNSU) conducted a comprehensive orientation program for new employees on May 16-17, 2024, at the SNSU Learning Resource Center. The sessions were led by distinguished resource speakers from the Civil Service Commission (CSC) Region Office Caraga: Regional Director Atty. Winston L. Plaza and Human Resource Specialist II Dan Jave L. Dumpa.

The orientation began with an insightful overview of the Philippine Civil Service presented. The resource speakers emphasized the principles of meritocracy, accountability, and transparency that underpin the civil service. This session provided new employees with a strong foundational understanding of the structure and significance of the civil service, highlighting its crucial role in ensuring efficient public administration.

The recruitment session, led by Atty. Winston L. Plaza, delved into the recruitment processes within the civil service. Atty. Plaza explained the importance of fair and transparent hiring practices, detailing the steps involved from job postings to the selection of candidates. He also discussed various eligibility criteria, including civil service examinations and special eligibilities, ensuring that new employees understood the pathways for entering and advancing within the civil service.

Retention strategies were the key focus of the orientation, with discussions centered on creating a supportive and engaging work environment. Atty. Plaza emphasized the importance of professional development programs, mentoring, and career advancement opportunities. He also highlighted the need for a healthy work-life integration and introduced various wellness initiatives designed to enhance employee satisfaction and loyalty, which are critical for retaining top talent in the university.

In the session on recognition and rewards, Mr. Dumpa outlined the different forms of employee acknowledgment available within the civil service. He discussed performance bonuses, service awards, and commendations for outstanding contributions. Mr. Dumpa stressed that recognizing and rewarding employees’ efforts not only boosts morale but also fosters a culture of excellence and motivation within the institution.

The final session on retirement planning, presented by Mr. Dumpa, provided a comprehensive overview of the retirement benefits available to government employees. This session aimed to ensure that employees are well-prepared for a secure and comfortable retirement, providing them with the necessary information to plan their future effectively.

Overall, the orientation program successfully equipped new employees with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate their roles within the government sector. By covering key areas such as recruitment, retention, recognition and rewards, and retirement, the program ensured that the employees are well-prepared to embark on their careers with confidence and clarity. The interactive Q&A sessions further enriched the orientation, allowing employees to seek clarifications and express their concerns, thus enhancing their overall understanding and readiness for their new roles.

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