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SNSU Joins Fiesta Festivities with Private and Higher Educators’ Night

With the city government allotting a special night for Surigao del Norte State University, SNSU, led by University President Dr. Gregorio Z. Gamboa Jr., participated in the events at the City Boulevard on September 2, 2022 which showcased performances and presentation.

The Doxology and the National Anthem was led by the SNSU Choir while the SNSU production number was spearheaded by selected members of the faculty who performed a series of dances. Other schools comprising of the private education sector, preschool to tertiary, also had their presentations.

Dr.Gamboa delivered a message where he expressed gratitude on the chance given to SNSU to take part in the activities of the local government and for the university faculty and staff to be acquainted with other educators in the city.

SNSU Pres. Gamboa delivers a message during the Educator's Night
Pres. Gamboa says he is glad that the SNSU faculty are given the chance to have camaraderie with other educators
The SNSU Chorale leads the Doxology and Invocation during the Educator’s Night
The SNSU faculty during their production number
Group picture of the faculty and Staff with Pres. Gamboa

In the past, SNSU was always a part of the DEP-Ed Night or Public Educator’s Night but this year, it now joins the private institutions in the City to be known as Private and Higher Educators’ Night.

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